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This blog entry will stay on top for newcomers to the site.

Please be sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions page. Videos can be found here. The registry is linked to here. My collection of photos is here, and I also have a flickr group pool for photos here (if you use flickr and want to join it, let me know). There are more photos on Snapfish, but you have to log in to see them. For more information, including press inquiries, please email noahanderin (at) gmail (dot) com.

Photos from the Michigan reception can be found here.

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Our New York Anniversary Party

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Our invitations have gone out for our New York “Reception” which has been downgraded to more or less a party on June 25th. Email us at noahanderin (at) gmail (dot) com if you think your invitation has gone missing.

Our event is three tiered:

1. 6pm: A dinner for VIPs only, mostly people who went on the flight with us and close relatives.

2. 8pm: Dessert and cocktails for almost everyone, a showing of the wedding video. (No dancing.)

3. 10pm: Dancing (and more dessert) at another venue, and more videos.

We’re maxing out the space of each venue, so it was necessary to divide the invitations up a bit. Some guests are invited to all three parts. A few people we couldn’t squeeze but wanted to include in are just invited to the dance.

I also regret that we couldn’t afford to feed everyone dinner. Hopefully by starting late, we’ve given enough time for everyone to eat dinner elsewhere. Also with all the money we’ve saved on food, we can afford better desserts and drinks!

Please look forward to it!

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We Made the Guinness Book!

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One of Noah’s coworker’s kid’s pointed out while we were in Japan that our wedding made the Guinness Book of World Records 2011! We had applied to be in Guinness, but we never heard back from them, so we were totally surprised! We were in Japan when we found out, so we rushed out and found a copy of the book to give to our wedding dress designer, Eri Matsui.

Ms. Matsui hadn’t met Noah before, so we chatted in the dress shop. Noah expressed interest in meeting someone from JAXA, so they called and a representative was nice enough to come and meet us an hour later! He gave us Hello Kitty astronaut phone straps and green tea made to be brewed in space (or maybe it’s the opposite – green tea made for optimum brewing thanks to space technology).

Weight Watchers Magazine Dec 2010

I’ve been meaning to post about it for some time, but I appeared in the December issue of Weight Watchers magazine as a “Success Story”. A photo from our wedding appears in it, and I talk about the wedding as it related to my weight loss story. Basically, I lost 50 pounds using Weight Watchers over several years. Although the story is written as an essay in the first person, my interview was heavily edited. As such, the chronology of my story is exactly backwards. I also wasn’t happy that they straightened my hair!

Nevertheless, you can probably still find the magazine at Weight Watchers centers.

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Our Wedding Mentioned in Olivia Munn’s Autobiography

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A friend was reading Olivia Munn’s new autobiography Suck It, Wonder Woman! and spotted a reference to our wedding. Munn is some sort of geek queen although I admit I hadn’t heard of her before. The wedding reference is in a geek history time line, not under 2009 when it took place, but rather, under 1961, the year of Richard Garriott’s birth. Munn gives a quick bio of Garriott, ending with his officiating our wedding. She doesn’t mention my name or Noah’s. The blurb ends with a quick “All hail the geek pope!”

I’d like a scan of this page to include in my portfolio of press, if anyone happens to by this book. (The scan needs to be 300 dpi.) My friend was reading a library copy.

Olivia Munns Book

Olivia Munn's Book

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First Anniversary!


Noah and I celebrated our first anniversary last weekend! We saw a Broadway show (Fela) and had dinner at the famous Peter Luger’s, which is like two blocks from our apartment. Fela was really something else, and the steaks at Peter Luger’s were essentially a hunk of cow. Mostly the restaurant was filled with amusing local characters with authentic Brooklyn accents.

After dinner, Noah surprised me with the traditional first anniversary gift, Paper. That is to say, The Paper:

"The Paper"

“Don’t expect this to continue,” Noah said. He doesn’t think he can keep finding anime characters to keep up with this theme.

Meanwhile, I’ve been compiling press clippings for a big photo album. I finally got around to scanning this article from a German magazine. The reporter was really nice, and interviewed us over Skype. The magazine finds the story behind the news, so we had a really long interview for the story:

Der Spiegal Article

Der Spiegal Article

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Honored at the State of the Borough Address


On Wednesday, February 3rd, Noah and I were special guests at the State of the Borough address because of our unusual wedding. We got to sit on stage as Borough President Marty Markowitz was sworn in for his fourth term as Borough President by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Noah and I weren’t sure what to expect when we arrived at the Park Slope Armory, but once we got inside it was like parade headquarters! There were all kinds of performances before the speech, by an orchestra, a ballet troupe, a huge tabernacle choir, and some scantily clad West Indian American Day Carnival dancers. During the speech, Marty mentioned all the on stage guests, including Census workers, people who had cleaned up tenements, local fashion designers, the owner of a new German beer hall, a guy who wouldn’t give Linsay Lohan’s blackberry back, and our zero gravity wedding. Afterward everyone was treated to a bunch of free food from great Brooklyn restaurants like Juniors, Cake Man Raven, and that wine-flavored sorbet place.

We met Talisa Chang of the Greenpoint Gazette, who took our picture with Marty and wrote an article about the event.

Fun fact about the borough of Brooklyn; did you know that if it were cut off from New York City, Brooklyn would be America’s fifth largest city?

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We’re one of the Biggest Wedding Moments of 2009

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…according to – that is to say, Australia. They put us on their Biggest Wedding Moments of 2009 list.

This morning the Brian Lehrer radio show on WNYC tried to put a positive spin on the decade. Because the 2000’s are framed by 9/11 and a Great Recession with Hurricane Katrina somewhere in the middle, it seems pretty bleak. Lehrer’s call-in show featured listeners talking about what went right on a personal level, and on a world level.

The 2000’s represent not just one third of my life, but the BEST third. I met Noah in 2000, and we started dating in 2002, living together in 2003, and got engaged in 2008 and married in 2009.

Also during this decade, different cities started competing to be Spaceports. In 2001, the first ever space tourist visited the International Space Station, followed by seven more people this decade, including our officiant Richard Garriott in 2008. It’s exciting! Here’s a list of private spaceflight companies.

The Zero G Corporation started offering weightless flights to the public in 2004. My wedding dress was designed in 2006, here’s a New York Times article about it.

Lots of great stuff happened this decade!

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Michigan Reception: More Photos

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This set has more of the wedding details, like the cake and the flowers. Actually if anyone got good close-ups of the cake topper, please email me your photos!

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Michigan Reception: The Silly Photos

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These are just the funny pictures. I’ll upload more serious photos later.

Note that at the end of the set, my bridesmaids participated in a “Bridesmaids Battle” – a tradition my friends and I made up where bridesmaids duel with bouquets, samurai style. The winner at my Michigan reception was Lauren – she is now a regional champion, and I will fly her to NYC to battle the New York bridesmaids in an ultimate showdown.

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Map to the [Michigan] Venue

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The venue website is here.

So that’s this Sunday, September 20th, beginning at 4 PM. The art museum will be open in the first hour or so for guests to look at.

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